Thursday, August 27, 2009

So we needed to catch up...

Jason and I ate on this while we updated the blog...okay I mostly ate it and posted to the blog. It is sticky rice and mangos from my good friend BO! We love you!

We got a new computer, and have been playing outside until late in the evening-posting was the last thing on our mind lately. Sorry! Thanks for taking the time to look!

Urban Camping

We decided to "test the water" camping before we went off in the deep dark woods. We camped in our downtown Fayetteville. Ha. My two light sleepers barely slept at all. Jason later told me only the homeless "urban camp." We will not pretend we are homeless again. The whole family took a long nap (not long enough) the next day. Yes, we will be going soon to the deep dark woods to for real camp. This is a little scary to me.
Passed out

Our huge sunflower!

When you camp with an make art.

Long exposure+active toddler=devil looking child

Urban Hiking

Keith and I took a hike at Lake Fayetteville one night. Jason was playing basketball with his man group. We had a great time hiking in the woods on a random Monday night. Just to let you know I carried the babe on my back the whole hike (notice one picture my sweat head). Little J said "Hi" to every person that walked by. For those of you that know him well, this will be no surprise. For those that don't-his first word was "Hi", and he used it a lot. a lot. He is friendly.

Sporting my new sunflower tattoo

Keith was with us and not the man group. He needed to show us his muscles. I'm sure lil' J showed his muscles too.

Us at home...

His new favorite book- Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

He loves the camera...oh and his mom

Papa Jones

Mama Jones

Keith...Mr. Trendy Pants

....about 12 feet tall

More food from the sunflower house...

Our Sweet Lil' Sunflower Family

Fresh Pesto Pasta with Garden Salad

Small Catalope Huge Tomato...buddies