Friday, September 25, 2009

Lil J

Lil' J and his bestie

Playing on Dad's sculpture

He has been dying to climb this tree...with a little help

Getting a little cooler outside, and test driving some lovely hand-me-downs

Watching a video on the computer- old school sesame street


Here we are 2 or 3 days into fall!
We have harvested our sunflowers.
This year J and I chose not to save very many sunflowers.
In years past, we have saved the seeds in gallon ziplock bags...we downsized.

               Harvesting the sunflowers is fun for the whole family!

Dad hard at work!

Jaysop was REAL interested in "Washie's Toes"

Until next year!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The day we took the sunflowers down

Lil' J and I played in the yard while Dad did all the work. This is usually how thing go down at our house.
We like to watch Dad do the work, and he likes to do the work.
Who is that good lookin' guy?
Nice arm...
(I have to say I was pretty proud I was able to get this shot. I love our camera and did not want it broken)

This was the small pile.
We thought they were just as pretty like this. I know...we are so weird.