Thursday, February 18, 2010

Potty Snow Birthday...In That Order


Pee Pee in the Potty Face
It happens right before the Pee Pee in the Potty Dance


Not rain, sleet, or snow will keep us away from Tim's pizza.
And yes, pizza does taste better after walking in 6 inches of snow to eat it!

What else are you going to do strapped in a backpack in a blizzard?

Hat- check
Oh! Scarf- check

Recycle Bin Lid Sled
Fastest Sled in the South

I'm pretty sure this is right before we crashed. Then went again!

Out Cold...or
In Warm

Rob's Birthday

Another Super Dad Cake
~Rob's Birthday Brownie~

We went to the roller derby bout for my 29th birthday party!
We had a good time. I found it inspiring.
It was the best time! I had my favorite people with me.
Then, of course, I knew many people there...
you could call it my scene (that and the Indigo Girls concert. funny).
They served beer.
Women were knocking the crap out each other...for your entertainment.
The half-time show featured one of the refs. He did skating toe-touches and break-dance skating.
Amazing. I know.

The girls and I were talking about what our roller girl names would be...
I have yet to think of a funny creative name. Leave a comment with a suggestion (this for you Kent).
My girlfriend Jess from High School thought she might be Spread Eagle.
While another girlfriend thought she would keep it a little cleaner with Katy Longlegs.
I. have. nothing.
Our team would be the 145 points...the other team 40 points.
They must have known it was my birthday.
We plan on going again!