Saturday, November 20, 2010

And...Some of Fall

A Little Bit of Fall for You

Biking Buddies
Yep, our kid is the one with his finger in his nose.

Hiking Buddies
Our kid is the one with no shirt...hiking is hot, ok.
Off to the petting zoo. We were safer in numbers. Goats are scary.
(To Carter: Goats could also be timeless...maybe)

Children of the Corn (Maze)

We caved and bought a pony.

And a motorcycle. Um no. My son will never ride a motorcycle. Never.
Do not try to burst my bubble here. Let me stay in my happy place of no motorcycles.  

Beautiful kid. Mr. Cash's running buddy.

Mr. Cash was a "yip-yip, radio" for Halloween.
Reminder video link- "yip-yip, radio"

We did relax...some.

Love to all~ The Jones Crew

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sunflowers and pies or Summertime-Part 2

The title of our blog is based on our house in the summer.
We plant lots of sunflower plants around our house.
One person said to us, "Your house has a happy glow."
We are proud of our plants, our house, and our happy glow.

Here are some sunflower photos.
A few happy glow photos.

 Happy Fall!
Love to all, Jones Fam