Monday, July 18, 2011

Here we are again...

It is mid-summer. The sunflowers are nearly at the peak of season. They are beautiful despite insects and heat trying to get the best of them.

I haven't blogged in months. The following pictures will the story of why...

Good times with the family.
Lots of laughs.
Guess who cut the cheese? Ha!

Kickball-We lost most games, but it was mostly a good time

Quality time with each other

Working, working, working.
This is a photo of a sketch of a mural Jason did for the Children's Shelter.
It turned out quite nice.

Looking cute

Starting another blog.
(These two were the cutest people I've ever seen)

Gardening, gardening, gardening
This picture was taken at the beginning of the season.
The fence is 8' tall. No more deer eating all of our food.
More blog post to follow with the critters we caught in our live traps.
Good times. This week we will harvest the basil. Pesto anyone?

More working, working, working.
Okay I had like 4 jobs. No joke. I'd loved them all! Now I'm down to, yea, more time to blog!

This is lil's bed that Jason made. Awesome. Not only is Jason cute, but oh so talented.

(No me pictured. Ha!)
Lot's of working out. I had a great time attending the classes offered by our trainer.
Currently, I'm training for a 10K (fingers-crossed that I follow through).
I will continue the kettlebells. I'm in love with those classes!

More family time. We have had my lovely Mother-in-law in town since about May.
She is such a joy, so helpful, so wonderful.

Love to all, Jones crew

Monday, April 11, 2011

Old Man Winter

For the sake of this blog, we are all going to pretend
Winter 2010-2011 never happen.

For us there was...
  • Illness~lots to go round
  • Robin resigned from one job...then quickly started a new job~her dream job
  • 16 inches of snow~this is when we all went crazy. Good times.
  • Holiday after holiday after holiday~we get holiday hangovers...there are SO many of them
  • Jason stayed busy, as usual~murals, home improvements, super dad stuff
  • We kept a pretty steady exercise routine...thank goodness. We would have really been nuts.
  • And the list could go on forever....point is~I didn't post all winter long. Sorry
I plan on posting with photos soon. I have a new lens on my camera...super excited!

Love to all~ Rob Nob

Saturday, November 20, 2010

And...Some of Fall

A Little Bit of Fall for You

Biking Buddies
Yep, our kid is the one with his finger in his nose.

Hiking Buddies
Our kid is the one with no shirt...hiking is hot, ok.
Off to the petting zoo. We were safer in numbers. Goats are scary.
(To Carter: Goats could also be timeless...maybe)

Children of the Corn (Maze)

We caved and bought a pony.

And a motorcycle. Um no. My son will never ride a motorcycle. Never.
Do not try to burst my bubble here. Let me stay in my happy place of no motorcycles.  

Beautiful kid. Mr. Cash's running buddy.

Mr. Cash was a "yip-yip, radio" for Halloween.
Reminder video link- "yip-yip, radio"

We did relax...some.

Love to all~ The Jones Crew

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sunflowers and pies or Summertime-Part 2

The title of our blog is based on our house in the summer.
We plant lots of sunflower plants around our house.
One person said to us, "Your house has a happy glow."
We are proud of our plants, our house, and our happy glow.

Here are some sunflower photos.
A few happy glow photos.

 Happy Fall!
Love to all, Jones Fam 

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Summertime Rewind Part 1

One of the favorite aunts had a birthday...a big birthday.
The top three cake lovers (from right to left)
Someone loves cake so much, it scares you
We even took a mini-vacation
Mom had a conference, boys played in Kansas City
The crying giant
Mr.Cash is in love with giants
Got a bit of rain (remember this is a rewind)
I think she was "getting his goose"
With his favorite 40 year old aunt
Tattoo, rolled sleeves, and super Elmo is perfect
Our Son- both beautiful on the inside and out

Thursday, July 1, 2010

New paintings and new happenings

I've had this post pending for quite some time. We have been very busy- working, gardening, playing, playing, and playing.

 This will be pretty brief, but much more to come soon.
New work by Jason.
Above is a new mural for the University.
Below are two cutouts for the Wal-Mart supplier fair.
We had a great time with the cutouts!

Below is another mural on campus.
The pictures don't do it justice. Very nice painting.

More playing...

Our blog is called The Sunflower House.
Here is an old update on the sunflowers.
Currently they are several feet high...sorry. I told you this post has been pending for awhile.

More to come soon...

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Oh the fun we have...

We play with our food....

We kick back and relax...

We play with bubbles...

The three of us...
We have a good time!