Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Illness, afros, and a birthday

Well this month has flown by. I swear I'll post more...then 4 weeks pass.

Major events this month went something like this...


Jaysop had a pretty good fever for a few days
As seen in this photo, the "one-a-day video" rule was thrown out the window.
Also, the "paci only at night time" rule was ignored.

But soon our son was feeling better. How did we know, you ask?

The Afro told us so...

Last but not least
Big J had his birthday. We joined our buddies at Tim's Pizza for some good food, beer, and...

Birthday Cake!!!
Little Bread Company made it!
Ginger, Peach, Blueberry Cheese Cake
Yep, it was heaven!

One more thing!
We have had my sweet, wonderful, and cute mother-in-law in town this month.

She looks too young to have her baby boy be 34!
Just so you know, she went to a late night concert with me one night...and she was the one in the sexy heels.
I love her!

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