Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A New Year

I'd like to say that every year we try to be better people. We try harder to bring the important things in our life, and leave behind the rest. While I can't say that any of our good habits were ever previous New Year's resolutions. I can say that that we add good things to our life every year.

So Jason says to me this year that he is going to make a New Year's resolution. He wants to make 20 pieces of art. His own art. Not art for a client. Paintings? Sculptures? Whatever. As long as it is his own art.
It seems that the past few years much of the art he has made has been a gift for me. I often times get art as my gifts for holidays, birthdays, or just cause. As long as this doesn't stop, I don't care what kind of art he wants to make.

This was my Christmas gift from Jason and Mr. Cash
It is a painting they created of "our family."
The three flowers are similar to the tattoo design Jason and I created together.
The tattoo is on my arm. Jason isn't into tattoos...yet.

So I thought I want to make a resolution too. I thought and thought. Jason thought and thought for me.
And here is what I came up with....
I want to become a better artist too! I know what you are thinking...let's just say I'm starting at ground zero.
Understand that I have much to work on during the year to become a better person. Jason suggested some things like spend less money on clothes (gasp!) and work in the garden (many times I'm the one taking the photos...not really doing the digging)- both good ideas, but I couldn't commit to too much. Ha.
Note: My art will consist of an ongoing list of "things I'd like to sew." I'm trying for 20 pieces too. I guess that would be my kind of art.
I mean, I can be an artist too! Right?

Doesn't this look like some of those Etsy profile pictures? And they are artists!
Photo notes: The glasses I got from Keith's get-rid-of pile and the art is Jason's.
I. know. If I'm going to be an artist, I better work on my originality.
Right now I'm resorting to using other peoples things to try to look artsy. *Remember ground zero*

Likely we were inspired by a holiday party we had with some friends.
We called it, Humorous Handmade Holiday.
Party goers were to bring a humorous handmade gift. Then we did the dirty Santa game and exchanged gifts.
Jason did a painting of a gnome peeing on a flower. Wish I had a picture to show, but I would need some sort of censor to cover certain areas of the gnome-wink, wink. It was the first to be out of the game (exchanged 3 times-froze it in time).

I made this super quick handbag
Yep, it is a douchebag.  Sorry but it is funny!
Hand stitched. Recycled material. Does that make it hipster artsy?

A couple of people made these great Christmas vest.

And this was the gift I received during the exchange.
See that's ART.
So..I should be able to make art...right?

And just so you know, Mr. Cash is a great artist...I hope to be as good as him some day.
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Love, The Jones Crew


  1. Ok. Iaughed and then I laughed some more. I loved the etsy picture. Robin when we are out and about in our circle you dont appear to be the funny person I have come to know here. I love it and I love.... your Christmas present. Oh.... and Jason thinks working in the garden will make you more artsy? And less shopping? What is his reasoning? What inspires him? What would you like to use to encourage his art? Laundry? Dishes? :) Seriously.. he sounds like super dad, I bet he does it all already. Thanks for the laugh.

  2. I think those are both good resolutions! I do think you should be a little more specific with your resolution Rob...it will probably help you stay on track if you define what "a better artist" means to you. I also wanted to say that we really love our gnome painting!!