Thursday, November 12, 2009

Super Dad!

Big J has had a few weeks off of work. It has been perfect timing with the weather. He has been working on our house...I'll post pictures another day.

When Jason isn't renovating our home, changing diapers, going to story time, working out, running, cleaning, making art, donating his time to charity, and cooking up some good beans...he has a day job as a muralist.

Here are some recent photos of some murals he did on campus. What a superstar!

This mural is at the University of Arkansas campus
Demensions are 9' by 16'

Another view

Another mural on campus
Demensions 7' by 12'

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  1. Those are amazing. Thanks so much for sharing ! I don' t know if I have ever told you but Randy's cousin is the Mississippi equivalent of your talented hubby. She does tons of murals in schools and towns. She also does portraits. Most of her work is centered around the " blues". Here is one of her paintings.

  2. that is awesome! So what is his regular job that he is off of right now?

  3. Kasey:
    Jason works for himself as a muralist...that is his "day job". When he isn't creating a mural for a client, he stays at home with Jaysop. It is really nice because he can make a pretty good living working a 1/3 of the time, and our son gets to stay at home. So...he is a super, working/staying-at-home, dad.