Saturday, December 26, 2009

I think I'll begin with the snow...

While I have much to blog about, I'll begin with the snow...

Look at this happy face.
He was shaking excited to be in the SNOW!

Snow tracks
Mostly Lil' J's, some Lushie the dog's

I'm pretty sure they were working on a snowman...
that didn't last long.
At two you tend to move to something else quickly.

I would like to say this picture was after his snow angel, but it wasn't.
He fell and then rolled a little.

Yep, you are seeing this picture correctly!
This is my dear husband attacking our young son
with a snowball.

Then the innocent photographer got attacked too. Ruthless.

We headed to our local park.
Lil' J learned this month to go down the BIG slide all by himself.
He wanted to do it despite the snow on our lovely snow day.

I swear I didn't push him!
He sat down to go down the slide, and oops hit a patch of ice!
If you enlarge the photo, all you see is his feet...and me laughing my butt off.

The aftermath...

Happy Holidays

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