Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Marshmallow Adventure

It all started like this...
I wanted to make this chocolate bark from a Barefoot Contessa cookbook my mother had given me. It had toasted cashews, crystallized ginger, and dried cherries. Click here for a video of her making it! We ended up making the bark with the toasted cashews, crystallized ginger, and dried cranberries. I used all semisweet chocolate.

Simple enough, right? It was just perfect because I had a ton of stuff to do! It seemed like just the amount of time I had scheduled in for that project. Because you know I have this whole day job thing going on...

We were going to take the bark and put little smore packs (that would be graham crackers and marshmallows...with the chocolate) together for some of our friends and neighbors.

Then we (when I say we...I really mean Jason) thought let's make the graham crackers. Note to all bakers: I'll link the recipe I used, but I had to modify it a little. The dough seemed really dry. I added more milk.

Then we thought let's make the marshmallows too...why the hell not?. At this point I was in knee-deep anyway.

Long story short (not really at this point, huh?)...Here is our adventure!

 The finished product.
Yep, it says, "Smore Great Memories"
I'm pretty sure having a kid has turned me into a really cheesy person...and maybe I like it! 

Oh the glorious sugar. I don't if you know this, but that is what marshmallow are made of...

Aren't they stinkn' cute!

Sigh! I used the last of my imported vanilla.
Looks like mama will be making a trip to Mexico...

So right...we ate a few too.
They toasted nicely!
(Sorry for the lack of a better picture. Eating smores with a toddler makes your hands a little busy.)


  1. We so make our own vanilla. Vodka and vanilla beans- you can't beat it.

  2. that comment above was made by Kasey- and this one too. sorry.